About our fees for tenants

Know exactly what renting a property through us is going to cost you and when you’ll have to make payments.
We only charge fees permitted by the Tenant Fee Act 2019 for Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

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Holding deposit – Up to 1 week’s rent

This is to take the property off the market for a fixed period while we check your references. We’ll refund this deposit to you in full if the landlord changes their mind about letting the property.

You will forfeit the holding deposit (or a portion of it that covers the work we’ve had to do) if:

  • You fail the Right to Rent check
  • You give us misleading or incorrect information
  • You don’t give us or the landlord the information we need to complete our checks and finalise the tenancy agreement in a reasonable time.

Deposit for the property

If the year’s rent for the property is:

  • Less than £50,000 – the deposit is equivalent to 5 weeks’ rent
  • £50,000 or more – the deposit is equivalent to 6 weeks’ rent

Your deposit will be placed in the mydeposits Deposit Protection

” You can fully trust Prominence to continuously deliver the highest levels of customer support. I rented through them for 4 years now and would not dream of using any other company. “

Gregory Smith – Tenant

Ending your tenancy early

All costs, fees and charges incurred by the landlord for allowing early termination including the agent’s existing or re-letting fees.

Variation of contract

£50 per agreed variation or any reasonable costs incurred if these are higher than £50.

Change of sharer

Up to £50 for one reference and a new tenancy agreement, or any reasonable costs incurred if these are higher than £50.

Interest on late, unpaid or returned rent payments

3% above the Bank of England’ base rate per annum, calculated daily in accordance with the Tenant Fees Act 2019.

Lost keys

The cost of replacing keys, fobs, security devices or associated items which have been lost, damaged or broken.

Your money is always protected

Your money is fully protected through our membership of Client Money Protection Insurance (Client Money Protection certificate) which protects and compensates landlords and tenants if their funds are lost or misused by their letting agent.

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