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Own a quality rental property in Brighton & Hove?
If you value your time and your investment, we’re the right agency to let or manage it for you.

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The right choice if you like long-term relationships

We’ve built our business on word-of-mouth referrals from happy landlords. They like our reliable, consistent, friendly service, and stick with us because we never let small issues become big ones.

Our commitment in numbers:

  • 11Years experience
  • 152Happy clients
  • 3kHappy tenants
  • 0%Rent arrears

Great tenants for your property

Any letting agent could fill your property. But finding long-term hassle-free tenants requires more than a credit check. Besides thorough referencing, we use our common sense and our local knowledge to get you the right tenants.

Reliable rental income

With the right tenants in your property, you get your rent paid on time. And you don’t have to fork out for tenant introduction fees every 6 months. That’s why we spend time and put real effort into finding you great tenants.

” Prominence Property have been managing my properties for many years. They have been extremely professional, reliable and efficient. “

Michael – Landlord

Choice in the level of service you want

Being a small independent company, we give you the exact services you need. From full property management to a tenant introduction only service.

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And 24-hour access to your property account details

We use VTUK, a secure cloud-based property management system. It allows us to process tenant applications speedily, and lets you track maintenance issues and view your property accounts at any time.

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